Frequently Asked Questions

Before you directly contact Sabanci Foundation for your questions, we suggest you take a look at Frequently Asked Questions below on the basis of topic titles. If you have any further question that you cannot find an answer to, please contact us.


  • 1. What are criteria to apply to a scholarship?

    The students of those universities, for which our Executive Committee decides to reserve a scholarship quota, are paid a grant or scholarship. These universities, repeatedly designated each and every year, are picked from among state universities in Turkey. Scholarships and grants are provided to those new students admitted by them. To be eligible for University Admission Scholarship, a student should display an outstanding performance in the Student Placement Examination (to achieve the minimum base points set in this respect) and should be in need of financial support. In order to be eligible for Sabanci Foundation-Vista Scholarship, high-school diploma points need to be over 65 and the student should have been registered without examination to the departments of Tourism and Travel Services or Hosting Services of two-year Vocational School in the related universities which have Sabancı Foundation-Vista Scholarship quota. Financial difficulties are taken into consideration during evaluation of applications. No scholarship or grant will be provided to those students enrolled with high education institutions abroad. For further detail, please click General Information on Scholarships.

  • 2. When and to whom will the scholarship applications be made?

    If a student who is now entitled to be placed in a university meets the announced preconditions and criteria for eligibility, he may apply to the scholarship office of her/his university between 15 September to 16 October every year. Sabanci Foundation will not accept any direct apllication. No scholarship application is allowed other than the date range set for the applications.

  • 3. On what basis are the applications assessed?

    Each university will pick and designate those students eligible for University Admission Scholarship and Sabanci Vakfi-Vista Scholarship, and report their names to Sabanci Foundation. Those students eligible for Scholarships in Provinces with a priority in Development, and Handicapped Student Scholarships will be designated and identified by Sabanci Foundation from those lists received from the Student Selection and Placement Centre and reported to their respective universities and then the scholarship recipient are notified by the universities. For further detail, please click General Information on Scholarships.

  • 4. To what educational level are scholarships provided?

    Scholarships and grants funded by Sabanci Foundation resources are provided to those students having an education in Turkish universities and meeting the required criteria and preconditions. Additionally, conditional donations are made available to a limited number of primary and secondary education students. Names of those schools and preconditions for grants are set by contingent endowers, and those students eligible for scholarships will be designated by the scholarship committees of said schools. For primary and secondary education scholarships, no application must be made to Sabanci Foundation. In this connection, relevant educational institution will contact its own students. For further detail, please click General Information on Scholarships.

  • 5. What is needed for the extension of a scholarship?

    Scholarships of students who successfully continue their education without any condition leading to cancellation of the scholarship continue for University Admission Scholarship. But, Sabanci Foundation-Vista Scholarship is given at most for 2 years. Sabancı Foundation follows and keeps track of the academic and disciplinary performance of the scholarship holder at the beginning of each semestr through the university that the student is enrolled in. Students who are registered for universities that are not included in our scholarship quota of universities, should transmit their original academic reports directly to Sabanci Foundation twice a year with the condition to be in September and in February.

  • 6. Under what circumstances are scholarships cancelled?

    You can visit Cancellation of Scholarships page for further details.

  • 7. Are those scholarships subject to a repayment or compulsory service?

    Sabanci Foundation scholarships are non-refundable and there is no repayment obligation or compulsory service.

  • 8. Is it possible that my tuition fee will be covered by Sabanci Foundation?

    No, scholarships are only in the form of monthly cash payments. Amounts to be paid are set by the Executive Committee on a yearly basis. Payments are not for the purposes of covering school tuition fees.

  • 9. Does Sabanci Foundation provide scholarship opportunities for students who currently continue their university education?

    No, Sabanci Foundation does not give scholarships to students currently continuing their university education. If a student who is recently entitled to be placed in a university and meets the announced preconditions and criteria may apply for the scholarships.

  • 10. Does Sabanci Foundation provide scholarship opportunities for students who want to study abroad?

    No, Sabanci Foundation does not provide scholarships for students who want to get education abroad.

  • 11. Does Sabanci Foundation provide scholarship opportunities for graduate students?

    No, it does not give scholarships for graduate students. If a student who is recently entitled to be placed in a university and meets the announced preconditions and criteria may apply for the scholarships.

  • 12. When and where will the results of the scholarships be announced?

    The results will be announced at the scholarships offices of the universities to which Sabanci Foundation provides scholarship quota.


  • 1. In what areas and for which levels of success do you give awards?

    Within the framework of Sabanci Foundation Award Programs, we aim at encouraging students in terms of education, art and sports fields. In this respect, those students displaying an outstanding achievement or performance in designated education institutions as well as young people with places in top ranks in specified competitions are awarded. For further information please visit our Awards page.

Applications for Aids

  • 1. What are the requirements for aids?

    Sabanci Foundation's largest aid group is composed of those scholarships granted to those successful students in need of financial assistance as well as Sabanci University which stands on the support from Sabanci Foundation and the maintanence of the institutions have been offered to public use by Sabanci Foundation. . Below are the aids which are not among Sabanci Foundation's objectives, so that these kind of requests are not answered:
    * Any request from individuals or corporations for building and facilities construction, in-kind aid or endowment (books, office equipment, computers, cars, hardware, etc), or cash needs
    * Any request for personal needs (loan, credit, grant, health expenditures etc.)
    * Any request for finding a job

Internship Programs

  • 1. Does Sabanci Foundation provide any opportunities for interns?

    A specific internship program quota is reserved by Sabanci group of companies for Sabanci Foundation scholarships. Internship program is open only to those students having mandatory internship program. Those students on Sabanci Foundation's scholarship program may apply to their universities at the latest by the end of March for those trainee quotas. For further information, please visit our Internship Opportunities for Scholarships page.

  • 2. Do you provide any internship opportunities for those who do not have Sabanci Foundation scholarship?

    No, internship opportunities are only available for those students on Sabanci Foundation scholarship program.

  • 3. May I complete my intership at Sabanci Foundation?

    Applications of students willing to complete their internship programs at Sabanci Foundation will not be considered. However, if there is need for interns, Sabanci Foundation will announce it on its web site and accordingly, the applicants will be assessed.


  • 1. Should I contact with Sabanci Foundation to benefit from services of Sabanci Institutions or to ask for vacancy to work?

    All the institutions built by Sabanci Foundation, such as schools, dormitories, health facilities, sports facilities, cultural centers and other social facilities have been offered to the use of the society and they are operated by the government officials.

    You can directly contact to the management of the Institutions you are interested in.

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