General Information On Scholarships

Sabancı Foundation scholarships are awarded so that successful students with financial difficulties can pursue a university education. Scholarships are for 10 months and are transferred to the recipient student's bank account between October and June. (double payment in October) Monthly payment for 2023-2024 period is 3500 TL.

Each year, a "University Admission Scholarship" is granted to those students with outstanding performances in that year's Higher Education Institutions Exam, along with the grants provided to "Graduates of High Schools in Provinces with a Priority in Development" and "Disabled Students" with outstanding performance in the same Examination. Additionally, since the start of the 2009-2010 academic year, the “Sabancı Foundation-Vista Scholarship” has been put into practice through the grants of the Vista Tourism and Travel Agency. “Other Scholarships” by conditional donations are determined by the donors.

More than 52.500 students have benefited from the scholarships provided by Sabancı Foundation since its establishment in 1974. Each year more than 300 students start to benefit from the grants. Scholarships are given to nearly 1.500 students in total each year.

Each year, a "University Admission Scholarship" is granted to those students with outstanding performances in that year's Higher Education Institutions Exam.

Continuation of Scholarship

An academically outstanding student will receive the University Admission Scholarship during his/her regular academic year for the department she/he is enrolled in. Sabancı Foundation-Vista Scholarship is given at most for 4 years and the preparatory year is not included in the scholarship program. For undergraduate students, the scholarship is paid during the normal education period. Success and disciplinary status of holders of scholarships shall be checked by contacting the education institution at the beginning of each semester to get information about the position of the student.

Students, who are registered for universities that are not included in our scholarship quota of universities, should transmit their original academic reports to Sabancı Foundation twice a year with the condition to be in September and in February. Students without academic reports declared, failing students, students subject to disciplinary action, dismissed students or students found to have been receiving a scholarship from another source will be dropped from the scholarship list.

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