2019 Scholars' Gathering

2019 Scholars' Gathering

The scholars supported by Sabancı Foundation for the past 45 years under its scholarship program came together at this gathering organized for the first time. 

The Chairman of the Sabancı Foundation Board of Trustees Güler Sabancı, who made the opening speech at the scholars’ gathering attended by more than 500 scholars, reminded the gathering of the words of the late Sakıp Sabancı, “We give scholarships with no expectations of repayment,” and stated “I believe that the closer we can get to each other and the more we can become a part of a family and a group, the more pleasurable and enjoyable our lives become. We see you as part of our family. You are the brilliant people of Turkey. Because the criteria of our scholarship that is most important and unchanged to this day, you know we give scholarships to success. The expectation of our scholarship is your success. We’re in the same family as the brilliant people of Turkey. Everything can be done better with unity, togetherness and a common mind. We believe this as Sabancı Foundation, so we are waiting for your contributions. We also believe that you will contribute to each other. Graduates can guide students; students can ask questions to their elders. The world today gives importance to helping each other.”

Referring also to the fact that social change is actually a slow process, Sabancı added “We have been working for social change for the past 45 years. Social development and change are a matter of time and most importantly, patience. This is what we’re trying to do at Sabancı Foundation. With your contributions, I’m sure that it will be even better, and even bigger projects will emerge.”

After Sabancı Foundation General Manager Nevgül Bilsel Safkan gave detailed information about the Sabancı Foundation, the Sabancı Foundation Scholars Mentorship Program was introduced. This program, which encompasses current and graduate scholars, aims for scholars to establish mentor-mentee relationships and share their experiences with each other. In addition, the program aims to create a bridge between scholars and bring together the excitement of students with the experiences of graduates.

Following the speeches, the overview of Sabancı Foundation and the introduction of the Mentorship program, activities to get the scholars to know each other were carried out. After the gathering accompanied by a cocktail, the scholars were able to visit the exhibition at the Sakıp Sabancı Museum.

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